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  • Case Tool for Developing Process Control Specifications in Dairy Manufacturing 

    Troy, Douglas; McQueen, Robert (1994-12-01)
    A computer aided software engineering (CASE) tool designed to assist the task of developing the specification of control software for programmable logic controllers for dairy process manufacturing is described. The CASE ...
  • Inservice Education of High School Computer Science Teachers 

    Kiper, James; Rouse, Bill; Troy, Douglas (1988-09-01)
    The United States urgently needs strong high school computer science programs. Our economy and the technological level of our society depend upon a continuing supply of high quality scientists, mathematicians, engineers, ...
  • Librarian A Multi-User License Manager 

    Troy, Douglas (1992-08-01)
    A common problem in network administration is that there are often more workstations on a network than there are available licensed copies of the various software products. The purpose of the software described herein is ...