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  • Using the Inverted Classroom to teach Software Engineering 

    Gannod, Gerald; Burge, Janet; Helmick, Michael (2007-01-01)
    An inverted classroom is a teaching environment that mixes the use of technology with hands-on activities. In an inverted classroom, typical in-class lecture time is replaced with laboratory and in-class activities. Outside ...
  • Visual Depiction of Decision Statements: What is Best for Programmers and Non-programmers 

    Kiper, James; Auerheimer, Brent; Ames, Charles (1997-03-01)
    This paper reports the results of two experiments investigating differences in comprehensibility of textual and graphical notations for representing decision statements. The first experiment was a replication of a prior ...
  • Visual Programming: Concepts and Implementations 

    Howard, Elizabeth (1994-08-01)
    The computing environment has changed dramatically since the advent of the computer. Enhanced computer graphics and sheer processing power have ushered in a new age of computing. User interfaces have advanced from simple ...