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  • Tablet Based Data Recorder for Librarians and Researchers 

    Johnson, Eric
    To promote easier and more accurate data collection, a tablet based tool was created that guides data collectors by providing color coded and textual instructions. Validation rules can be dynamically created that will ...
  • Talent Within: Building Library Leaders Through Staff Development 

    Natale, Jennifer; Millard, John (2015-11-30)
    Staff development is the cornerstone of a vibrant and responsive library system that meets the needs of today’s students. In lean times, spending effort on staff development can often be overlooked beyond the initial ...
  • Taming the Communication Beast: Using LibGuides for Intra-Library Communication 

    Yoose, Becky; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2014-05-13)
    Presentation given at the Library Technology Conference on March 16, 2011. Using LibGuides for communication between technical services and other library departments.
  • Teaching Communities of Faculty About Scholarly Communication 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Waller, Jen (2015-01-27)
    This article by Jennifer Bazeley and Jen Waller originally appeared on the LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog as “Faculty Learning Communities are a positive way for libraries to engage academic staff in scholarly ...
  • Technical Services Transparency: Using a LibGuide to Expose the Mysteries of Technical Services 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Yoose, Becky (2013-06-04)
    Technical services departments in academic libraries have long struggled to communicate effectively with other library departments, particularly public services departments. As academic libraries acquire large numbers of ...
  • Technical skills for new digital librarians 

    Tzoc, Elias; Millard, John (2012-10-12)
    The purpose of this paper is to analyze the current technical skills being sought for digital librarian positions, as well as provide a basic exploration of the list of technical courses offered by major library school ...
  • This Could Take a While 

    Ladd, Marcus (2015-01-30)
    Reflections after the first year of a student-aided digitization project. The Bowden Postcard Collection contains a staggering 480,000 postcards, spanning the entire 20th century and the entire globe. The project already ...
  • Transfer 2.0 and Beyond! An Update 

    Devenport, Tim; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2013-06-04)
    e-Journals often get transferred between publishers, whether because of change in commercial ownership (by acquisitions and disposals) or because the owner (frequently a society) takes the opportunity to partner with a ...
  • Transfer 2.0 and Beyond! An Update 

    Devenport, Tim; Bazeley, Jennifer W (2014-05-13)
    Presentation given at the Charleston Conference on November 3, 2011. Information about Project Transfer (v. 2.0) for librarians and publishers.
  • Transfer Code of Practice 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W
  • Transfer Code of Practice 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W
    Update on the Transfer Code of Practice, which is now under the umbrella of NISO.
  • Transfer Code of Practice 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W
    Presentation given for the ALA ALCTS CRS Standards Forum at ALA Midwinter 2017 on January 22, 2017. The Transfer Code of Practice responds to the expressed needs of the scholarly journal community for consistent guidelines ...
  • Transfer Code of Practice (ER&L 2017) 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W
    Presentation on the Transfer Code of Practice given at ER&L (Austin, TX) on April 3, 2017. It provides a brief update on the status of Transfer (a NISO recommended practice). Also discussed were the current activities of ...
  • Transfer Today: Updates on the Transfer Code of Practice 

    Beals, Nancy; Bazeley, Jennifer W
    Transfer Code of Practice updates and changes.
  • Transfer Today: Updates on the Transfer Code of Practice 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Winter, Elizabeth
    Webinar presented on May 20, 2016 as part of the NISO Working Group Connections LIVE! series. What is the Transfer Code of Practice? Why was it developed? How does it benefit librarians? The Transfer Code of Practice is ...
  • Traversing the Gap: Subject Specialists Connecting Humanities Researchers and Digital Scholarship Centers 

    Gibson, Katie; Ladd, Marcus; Presnell, Jenny
    Gibson, K., Ladd, M. & Presnell, J. (2015) “Traversing the Gap: Subject specialists connecting researchers and digital humanities centers.” Digital Humanities in the Library: Challenges and Opportunities for Subject ...
  • Undergraduate Publishing: The Miami Computing and Engineering Review 

    Benzing, Matt
    A presentation on lessons learned from piloting an undergraduate research journal at Miami University.
  • Understanding, Acquiring and Managing Usage Statistics 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W
    More and more often library staff are asked to work with metrics and measures to document impact and determine service or resource allocations. If you’re not comfortable with finding and using data, this can be a daunting ...
  • Usage Statistics in the Real World: Two Perspectives 

    Bazeley, Jennifer W; Beals, Nancy (2014-05-13)
    Presentation given at the Great Lakes E-Summit on October 11, 2012. Managing e-resource usage statistics.
  • User Studies with Camtasia 

    Benzing, Matthew (2015-02-12)
    A presentation on using the Camtasia tutorial creation software to collect and document user studies.