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  • Adapting a Parker proportional valve for use with a Festo hydraulic trainer 

    Fields, Audrey; Poeppelman, David; Clements, James; House, Luke
    Student engineers designed, built, and tested the adaptation of a Parker Proportional Valve with Festo Hydraulic Trainers for educational use at Edison State Community College. The system will accompany lectures given by ...
  • Prototype Vacuum Former 

    Bach, Mindy; Gagliano, Danielle
    The purpose of this project is to design a small vacuum forming machine capable of running both prototype tooling and service parts for prior models that have ended their production life. This project will create a smaller, ...
  • Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer Small-Scale Pipeline System 

    Shirk, Ted; Nguyen, Thuc; Rufer, Kyle
    The purpose of this project is to design and build two lab components (The Flexible Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer and Small-Scale Pipeline) used in the fluid mechanics classes at Miami University. These components are ...