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  • Aging and Long-Term Care Issues in Ohio 

    Payne, Michael; Straker, Jane; Applebaum, Robert (2009-04-02)
    This summary report focuses on aging and disability in Ohio as well as on utilization and Medicaid costs of long-term care for older Ohioans.
  • Changing face of long-term care : Ohio's experience 1993-2005 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert; Nelson, Ian; Straker, Jane; Baker, Hallie (2007-04-01)
    This report details trends in Ohio long-term care service utilization over 12 years. It also provides information about the characteristics of those in different settings such as PASSPORT, nursing homes, and residential ...
  • Disability in Ohio : Current and Future Demand for Services 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla (2008-05-19)
    In an effort to project the size of Ohio s Medicaid long-term care expenditures between now and the year 2020, this report first projected the size of the population with severe physical and/or cognitive, intellectual ...
  • Disability in Ohio : Long-Term Care Providers & Programs 

    Brothers-McPhail, Denise; Mehdizadeh, Shahla (2009-02-25)
    This report describes the range of options used in the long-term care system in Ohio. For each provider or program, we report the eligibility requirements, consumer characteristics, capacity, utilization rate, average ...
  • Nurising Home Use in Ohio: Who Stays, Who Pays? 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert; Nelson, Ian (2010-06-11)
    This research brief follows a cohort of nursing home residents over a three-year period-- beginning with their first ever admission to a nursing home --in order to determine their stay patterns and changes in their payment ...
  • A ten year retrospective look at Ohio's long-term care system 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert (2003-05-01)
    Over the past ten years the state has experienced a continued shift in the way older Ohioans receive long-term care. More older people are receiving long-term care in their own homes and in assisted living facilities. ...