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  • Self-report measures of individual differences in regulatory focus: a cautionary note 

    Summerville, Amy; Roese, Neal J. (2011-02-07)
    Regulatory focus theory distinguishes between two independent structures of strategic inclination, promotion versus prevention. However, the theory implies two potentially independent definitions of these inclinations, the ...
  • Some unwritten rules of graduate school, written down 

    Summerville, Amy
    An informal set of of advice, expectations, and “unwritten rules” slightly modified from a version for graduate students in my lab that I prepared for 2 incoming students in the fall of 2017. (The version they got included ...
  • What we regret most . . . and why 

    Roese, Neal J.; Summerville, Amy (2011-02-07)
    Which domains in life produce the greatest potential for regret, and what features of those life domains explain why? Using archival and laboratory evidence, the authors show that greater perceived opportunity within ...