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  • Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer Small-Scale Pipeline System 

    Shirk, Ted; Nguyen, Thuc; Rufer, Kyle
    The purpose of this project is to design and build two lab components (The Flexible Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer and Small-Scale Pipeline) used in the fluid mechanics classes at Miami University. These components are ...
  • Universal Robot Gripper 

    Amelung, James; Dyer, Catherine; Klass, Chandler; Speckert, Rob
    This project will consist of multiple goals and milestones to achieve the desired result of assessing the feasibility of a more universal type of gripper used for material handling in the Rimrock Corporation.
  • Up Down Vote Badge 

    Eisenbrandt, Nicole; Mohamed, Liban
    This project endeavors to generate a battery-controlled vote tabulating device (badge) with count capabilities for future analytical and behavioral study use. Goals: • To produce a battery-controlled vote tabulating device ...
  • Wild Game Tracking System 

    Ribby, Travis; Beery, Jeffrey; McElroy, Clinton
    The objective of this project was to design a mechanical carrier that attaches to the end of an arrow which was outfitted with a radio frequency transmitter placed inside of a potted housing. Once the arrow was fired, the ...