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  • Engrossed, Enraged, Engaged: Empowering Faculty in Transforming Scholarly Communication 

    Waller, Jen; Bazeley, Jennifer W
    Librarians are deeply invested in the scholarly publishing lifecycle. This investment, in tandem with an evolving scholarly communication system, has encouraged librarians to become advocates for transformation in this ...
  • Are E-Book Big Deal Bundles Still Valuable? 

    Shrimplin, Aaron K; Bazeley, Jennifer W
    The academic e‐book market has undergone significant change in the last five years. E‐book availability has greatly increased as library demand has grown, with an increasing percentage of library acquisitions preferring ...
  • The Role of the Family in Nursing Homes: Recommendations to Increase Family Satisfaction with Care 

    roberts, amy; Straker, Jane
    Families are important consumers of long-term care services who are likely to remain involved in the care of their resident loved one after placement. The aims of this brief report are (1) to increase the understanding ...
  • Open Educational Resources and their Implementation at Miami University 

    Waller, Jen; Bazeley, Jennifer W.; Abbitt, Jason; Bulanda, Ron; Cochrane, Bruce; Dahlman, Carl; Diekman, Amanda; Ferrell, Elizabeth; Fowler, Kirsten; Hall, Carrie; Hugenberg, Kurt; Ironstrack, Tamise; Millard, John; Modirrousta, Mostafa; Shoemaker, Katie; Vamosi, Briana
    A white paper submitted on 9/8/2015 by the members of the 2014 –2015 Faculty Learning Community Exploring Open Educational Resources at Miami University. Covers OER definition, best practices, benefits and evidence, OER ...
  • Reshaping retirement policies in post-industrial nations: The need for flexibility 

    Curl, Angela L.; Hokenstad, M. C. "Terry"
    Social Security programs in post-industrial nations are facing the need for policy reforms. Fiscal shortfalls in current Social Security programs are a major driving force promoting these reforms. At the same time, changes ...

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