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  • Evaluation of Ohio's assisted living Medicaid waiver program : Report on program costs 

    Brown, Scott; Applebaum, Robert (2007-06-01)
    This report is one among four that represents an evaluation of Ohio s Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver program. This report examines the costs and characteristics of those individuals who enrolled in the assisted living ...
  • Evaluation of Ohio's assisted living Medicaid waiver program: Final summary report 

    Applebaum, Robert; Wellin, Valerie; Kart, Cary; Brown, Scott; Menne, Heather; Ejaz, Farida; Wilson, Keren (2007-06-01)
    This study evaluated the performance of Ohio s Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver program during its initial implementation period; it is one report among four. Enrollment in the program was slower than originally anticipated; ...
  • An Evaluation of the Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver Program 

    McGrew, Kathryn; Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Brown Wilson, Keren; Applebaum, Robert; Wellin, Valerie; Baker, Hallie; Johnson, Justin; Chow, Karl; Brown, Scott; Menne, Heather (2009-03-25)
    In the past decade the number of older people across the United States with disability has increased by about 20%, and the national Medicaid long-term care costs have nearly doubled. In response to these challenges, states ...
  • Ohio Residential Care Facility Resident Satisfaction Survey : Instrument Refinements [2007] 

    Straker, Jane; Brown, Scott (2008-05-14)
    This report describes psychometric testing and other evaluations of the 2007 Ohio Residential Care Resident Satisfaction Survey. Recommendations include removal of items to shorten the survey and refinement of other items.