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  • Age-Friendly Oxford Community Needs Assessment: Report to the Age-Friendly Oxford Leadership Advisory Group 

    Young, Meghan A.; Dhakal, Usha; Kessler, Valerie; Kunkel, Suzanne R.
    In November 2017, Oxford, Ohio formally joined the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities, a national network committed to the design and implementation of community-level actions to enhanced age-friendliness. ...
  • The Rise of Content Farms 

    Shores, Mark
    The article offers information on search engine content farms which gather and analyze web traffic to conceive topics that people are searching for over the Internet. It states that content farm articles offer little ...
  • Library Service to Urban Appalachians: Opportunities and Rewards 

    Shores, Mark
    The article presents the opportunities of incorporating the U.S. urban Appalachians literature and library service to the service itself and the librarians. It notes that by exploring the history of urban Appalachians, ...
  • Capturing Appalachia: Building a Collection of Photographers' Work 

    Shores, Mark
    The article offers information on the collection of books of Appalachian photography in the Appalachian region. The collected works of Appalachian photographers were published in book form by university presses and publishers ...
  • Free Range Databases 

    Shores, Mark
    An overview of freely-available bibliographic databases including: when to use them, their drawbacks, and how to find them. Includes short reviews of a handful of these resources and whether or not their content is indexed ...

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