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  • Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer Small-Scale Pipeline System 

    Shirk, Ted; Nguyen, Thuc; Rufer, Kyle
    The purpose of this project is to design and build two lab components (The Flexible Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer and Small-Scale Pipeline) used in the fluid mechanics classes at Miami University. These components are ...
  • Using Extinction-Renewal to Circumvent the Memory Strength Boundary Condition in Fear Memory Reconsolidation 

    Campbell, Tiffany L; Kochli, Daniel E.; McDaniel, Mitch A.; Myers, Mallory K.; Dunn, Mallory E.; Diana, Victoria A.; Quinn, Jennifer J.
    Reconsolidation is a process by which memories are destabilized, updated, and then restabilized. Strong memories are resistant to undergoing reconsolidation. Here, we addressed whether an overtrained fear memory could be ...
  • Prototype Vacuum Former 

    Bach, Mindy; Gagliano, Danielle
    The purpose of this project is to design a small vacuum forming machine capable of running both prototype tooling and service parts for prior models that have ended their production life. This project will create a smaller, ...
  • Multi-Purpose Motorcycle Trailer (MPMT) 

    Hester, Tony; Street, Logan; Dao, William; Guggenheim, Kyle
    The purpose of the project is to design and modify a trailer to be pulled by a motorcycle that will allow the user to bring up to two dogs with them. The trailer will also be able to be used as a dry storage space for ...
  • King of Kings TechBed 

    Klopfenstein, Jacob; Waidelich, Chris
    The purpose of this project is to create a new king size bed that will stand apart from everything else on the market by incorporating a sound system, minifridge, and other Raspberry Pi driven technology into a bedframe ...

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