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  • AAA Caregiving Survey Results 

    Straker, Jane; Lackmeyer, Abbe; Kunkel, Suzanne; Robbins, Emily (2010-09-22)
    AAA Caregiving Survey Results summarizes the results of a mini survey of the nations 629 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) on the support they provide to family caregivers. Over 57% of AAAs responded to the survey and the results ...
  • GenerAges : Generations as They Age 

    Robbins, Emily; Payne, Michael; Cable, Amber; Straker, Jane; Kunkel, Suzanne (2011-05-10)
    GenerAges examines the history and culture of the 20th century that shaped the lives of Americans age 65 and older today, with a special focus on the generations coming of age in the 1920s (centenarians), ‘40s (the Greatest ...