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  • Adolescent Depression, Sensitivity to Social Feedback, and Social Functioning 

    Rodgers, Avicia; Fussner, Lauren M.; Luebbe, Aaron M.
    Major depression is particularly prevalent in adolescence, especially for girls (Hankin & Abela, 2005). Important in this phase of life is social functioning, as it can determine a variety of factors later in life (Spear, ...
  • Gritty or Flexible: Which Is a Better Predictor of Academic Success? 

    Cody, Morgan; Sarac, Sibel; Gong, Mingliang; Thomas, Robin; Kalia, Vrinda
    In any classroom, there are clear differences in the ways students learn and respond to challenges. Growth mindset, the belief that intelligence is malleable and can be improved through hard work (Dweck, 2008), has been ...