Recent Submissions

  • Using Extinction-Renewal to Circumvent the Memory Strength Boundary Condition in Fear Memory Reconsolidation 

    Campbell, Tiffany L; Kochli, Daniel E.; McDaniel, Mitch A.; Myers, Mallory K.; Dunn, Mallory E.; Diana, Victoria A.; Quinn, Jennifer J.
    Reconsolidation is a process by which memories are destabilized, updated, and then restabilized. Strong memories are resistant to undergoing reconsolidation. Here, we addressed whether an overtrained fear memory could be ...
  • Nitric Oxide Metabolites in Hypoxia Freezing and Hibernation in wood frogs 

    Williams, Bethany
    Nitric oxide (NO) is a gaseous free radical that in diverse organisms performs many signaling and protective functions, such as vasoregulation, inhibition of apoptosis, antioxidation, and metabolic suppression. Increased ...
  • Preliminary Arthropod Survey: Rosenthal Islands 

    Gantz, Josiah David
    The Rosenthal Islands lie along the western edge the Antarctic Peninsula. They are largely inaccessible and the few research projects in the area have focused on the penguin colonies on the islands, thus, nothing is known ...
  • Micro-CT and SEM images of 3D scaffolds 

    Yousefi, Amy
    These files contain Microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) images generated at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University. These are unpublished results and will be included in ...

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