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dc.contributor.authorFlashpohler, Paul
dc.contributor.authorStraker, Jane K.
dc.contributor.authorNelson, Ian “Matt”
dc.contributor.authorHannah, Gordan
dc.description.abstractThe AgeWell program trains and employs able older adults to provide companionship to chronically ill older adults in the community. It aims to improve health and well-being outcomes by reducing isolation and identifying potential health or social problems and making referrals to the appropriate services. The program also hopes to decrease medical costs through reducing hospitalizations, hospital readmissions, and emergency room visits. This report describes the implementation of the program to reduce hospital readmissions in Cleveland, Ohio with comparative information from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.en_US
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.titleCleveland and Fort Lauderdale AgeWell Pilots Formative Evaluation Report: January 1, 2017-February 28, 2018en_US
dc.typeWhite Paper or Reporten_US

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