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  • Up Down Vote Badge 

    Eisenbrandt, Nicole; Mohamed, Liban
    This project endeavors to generate a battery-controlled vote tabulating device (badge) with count capabilities for future analytical and behavioral study use. Goals: • To produce a battery-controlled vote tabulating device ...
  • R01 Direct Costs 20210802 

    Page, Richard
    Plot of the average direct costs of NIH R01 grants
  • Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer Small-Scale Pipeline System 

    Shirk, Ted; Nguyen, Thuc; Rufer, Kyle
    The purpose of this project is to design and build two lab components (The Flexible Triple Falling-Ball Viscometer and Small-Scale Pipeline) used in the fluid mechanics classes at Miami University. These components are ...
  • Using Extinction-Renewal to Circumvent the Memory Strength Boundary Condition in Fear Memory Reconsolidation 

    Campbell, Tiffany L; Kochli, Daniel E.; McDaniel, Mitch A.; Myers, Mallory K.; Dunn, Mallory E.; Diana, Victoria A.; Quinn, Jennifer J.
    Reconsolidation is a process by which memories are destabilized, updated, and then restabilized. Strong memories are resistant to undergoing reconsolidation. Here, we addressed whether an overtrained fear memory could be ...
  • Prototype Vacuum Former 

    Bach, Mindy; Gagliano, Danielle
    The purpose of this project is to design a small vacuum forming machine capable of running both prototype tooling and service parts for prior models that have ended their production life. This project will create a smaller, ...
  • Multi-Purpose Motorcycle Trailer (MPMT) 

    Hester, Tony; Street, Logan; Dao, William; Guggenheim, Kyle
    The purpose of the project is to design and modify a trailer to be pulled by a motorcycle that will allow the user to bring up to two dogs with them. The trailer will also be able to be used as a dry storage space for ...
  • King of Kings TechBed 

    Klopfenstein, Jacob; Waidelich, Chris
    The purpose of this project is to create a new king size bed that will stand apart from everything else on the market by incorporating a sound system, minifridge, and other Raspberry Pi driven technology into a bedframe ...
  • Electric Motor Assisted Caster Cart 

    Drew, Greg; O’Brien, James; Purdy, Kendall; Sargent, Tyler
    To take a pre-existing cart product provided by Hamilton Caster and retrofit it with as many off the shelf parts as possible, in order to prototype an electric motor assisted cart. This project will serve as a functional ...
  • Battlebot 

    Bakenhaster, Braden; Newton, Nicholas
    Battlebots are machines that have been popular to niche crowds over the past two decades. The show Battlebots first aired in the year 2000 and is still creating new episodes today. There are other similar robot fighting ...
  • Automated Livestock Barn System 

    Law, Gabryella; Wengard, Michael; Hashman, Joshua
    The objective of this project is to provide monitoring of livestock, automated animal care, and user safety. It has several systems to meet these objectives: fire detection, watering system, feeding system, temperature ...
  • Raw Data for "3D-Printed Self-Healing Elastomers for Modular Soft Robotics" 

    Konkolewicz, Dominik; Wanasinghe, Shiwanka; Sparks, Jessica L; Dodo, Obed; Gomez, Eliot; Flynn, Alex; Baldwin, Luke; Durstock, Michael; Thrasher, Carl; Tabor, Christopher
    Raw experimental data for the article "3D-Printed Self-Healing Elastomers for Modular Soft Robotics "
  • Raw Experimental Data for the Article "Two-distinct polymer ubiquitin conjugates by photochemical grafting-from" 

    Konkolewicz, Dominik; Page, Richard; Burridge, Kevin; Parnell, Ryan; Kearns, Madison
    Raw Data for the Manuscript "Two-distinct polymer ubiquitin conjugates by photochemical grafting-from"
  • Raw Experimental Data for the Article "Simple polymerization through oxygen at reduced volumes using oil and water" 

    Konkolewicz, Dominik; Page, Richard; Burridge, Kevin; De Alwis Watuthanthrige, Nethmi; Payne, Camryn
    All raw data for the manuscript "Simple polymerization through oxygen at reduced volumes using oil and water"
  • Symposium Poster 

    Poster, Symposium
  • Using Local Initiatives to Fund In-Home Services: Ohio Leads the Nation 

    Koumoutzis, Athena; Mayberry, Pamela; Heston-Mullins, Jennifer; Applebaum, Robert
    As a result of limitations in federal and state funding for nonmedical supportive services, some communities across 15 states are utilizing local funding sources to support aging services for older adults and/or their ...
  • A Poetic Martian Habitat 

    Shirvani, Mehdi
    In August 2013, I learned that anyone from all around the world could register and volunteer to be a member of first Red Planet Colonist project. I wanted to register the same night, but when I checked the website the ...
  • Architectural Spaces Promoting Active Learning and Progressive Educational Delivery for the Primary School Student 

    Pevoar, Emma
    Education in the United States is failing the next generation. Students today advance through their education without the skills or passion for learning they will need to be marketable in their careers. And, our current ...
  • Urban Green Space Rejuvenation – The Use of Regenerative Landscape Design ThroughBiophilia to Connect Humans back to Nature. 

    Nyarko, Winfrey
    “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction, stated American biologist and author” E. O. Wilson. The natural world has been altered over the past years, resulting in a ...
  • Adapting to Climate Change through Architecture 

    Mohamed, Hisham Altayeb Abdelrahman
    An environmental crisis is unfolding around us. Our climate is continuously changing in dramatic rates. This paper explores the impact of climate change on the built environment, with the intent to find solutions for how ...
  • Adaptive Design in Urban Flooding Conditions Case of Dar Es Salaam 

    Kapinga, Irene D.
    Flooding hazards in urban areas is a worldwide problem. This is influenced by rapid urbanization, overpopulation, and the demand for a settlement that has exceeded the local housing stock. This leads to people living in ...