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  • Copyright and Course Reserves: Print Reserves 

    Myers, Carla S.
    In offering print reserve services, academic libraries can help faculty and students access required and supplemental learning materials including, but not limited to books, DVDs, music CDs, and photocopies of works such ...
  • Copyright Under Quarantine 

    Myers, Carla S.
    Our current circumstances are complex and dynamic, and libraries of all types are doing their best to respond to the needs of the diverse communities they serve. If you’re wondering how we move forward under these conditions, ...
  • TEACH-ing Online? 

    Myers, Carla S.
    In recent years, K-12 and academic libraries have seen an increasing demand to provide online access to film that can be used as part of course instruction. The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) ...
  • The family experience in long-term care during the COVID-19 visitation restriction visualization 

    Straker, Jane K.; Choi, Mi Sun
    Visualization which coinsides with the full report, "The family experience in long-term care during the COVID-19 visitation restriction." -- This report provides results from an online survey of families with residents in ...
  • Long-term care families experiences during the COVID-19 epidemic 

    Straker, Jane K.; Choi, Mi Sun
    This report provides results from an online survey of families with residents in long-term care settings during the COVID-19 suspension of visiting to facilities. Overall, despite the difficult situation, the majority of ...
  • OER and Fair Use: Strange Bedfellows or BFFs? 

    Myers, Carla S.; Pai, Sunyeen; Cross, Will
    Fair use is an exception found in U.S. copyright law that authors, educators, and librarians frequently take advantage of when using third-party works in the creation of new scholarship. Can fair use be considered when ...
  • Copyright & OER: Outlining the Issues 

    Myers, Carla S.
    Copyright issues come into play as open educational resources (OER) are created, and people frequently have questions about copyright and licensing when seeking to reuse, remix, and redistribute OER. To help address common ...
  • Prevalence of COVID-19 in Ohio Nursing Homes 

    Bowblis, John R.; Applebaum, Robert
    This study examines the Prevalence of COVID 19 cases in Ohio nursing homes in the context of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) 5-star quality ratings. Data come from the June 3, 2020 Ohio Department of ...
  • Copyright and Digital Preservation: Legal and Administrative Issues 

    Myers, Carla S.
    In today’s information landscape, there are fewer topics that more urgently demand expansive discourse than digital preservation, which touches on everything from technology to copyright. The Association for Library ...
  • Walking the Tightrope: Balancing Student’s Desire for Textbooks & the Library Budget 

    Myers, Carla S.; Glazier, Rhonda
    This chapter provides an overview of how academic libraries can adequately budget for and manage textbooks circulated to students through a print course reserve service.
  • Stakes and Stakeholders: OER—Framing the Issues 

    Myers, Carla S.; Yano, Brady
    This book is intended to act as a guide for would-be champions of Open Educational Resources (OER) that anyone—called to action by the example set by the chapter authors—might learn serve as OER champions and guides ...
  • Coaching up the Chain of Command 

    Myers, Carla S.
    An increasing number of academics, especially librarians, find that they need to teach at least the basics of copyright law and its application to a wide variety of audiences. Copyright is a complex and counter-intuitive ...
  • Data archive for "Dissipative assembly of macrocycles comprising multiple transient bonds" 

    Hossain, Mohammad Mosharraf; Atkinson, Joshua L.; Hartley, C. Scott
    Dissipative (nonequilibrium) assembly powered by chemical fuels has great potential for the creation of new adaptive chemical systems. However, while molecular assembly at equilibrium is routinely used to prepare complex ...
  • Child Safety Seat Occupant Detection and Alert System 

    Candray, Oscar; Tully, Thomas; Whitt, John
    This report covers the design, build, and testing if an IoT (Internet of Things) device which uses signal attenuation as a detection condition. The device's intended purpose is to detect when a child has been left in a car ...
  • Senior Design 498 - Universal Test Stand 

    Gregory, Tyler; Kincaid, Keith
    Final report for Senior Design - ENT 498 - Universal Test Stand
  • High Temperature Limit Sensor for Compressor Connecting Rod 

    Fischer, Joey; Newman, Jon
    Student Engineers researched and designed a method to measure temperature on the bearing of an Ariel Corporation compressor connecting rod. Placing a high temperature shut off device in the connecting rod will allow for ...
  • Septic Tank Monitoring Device 

    Guffey, Christian; Meermans, Brian; Calhoun, Cameron
    Student Engineers have modified and updated a current septic tank control panel. This panel has more up-to-date components that gives homeowners and service providers more control over septic systems. The panel will operate ...
  • Adapting a Parker proportional valve for use with a Festo hydraulic trainer 

    Fields, Audrey; Poeppelman, David; Clements, James; House, Luke
    Student engineers designed, built, and tested the adaptation of a Parker Proportional Valve with Festo Hydraulic Trainers for educational use at Edison State Community College. The system will accompany lectures given by ...
  • Guided Object Fetching Robot 

    Westbay, Eli; Storey, Isaiah; Francis, Nkrumah
    This is a reflection on what the GOFR group has accomplished in the pursuit of making an Autonomously Guided Vehicle (AGV). This document will lay out the steps and research performed in order to design and build a functional ...
  • Senior Project X-Ray Plate Holder (The Wilds) Final Report 

    Williams, Austin; Moss, Kyle; Campbell, Landon; Duty, Ryan
    Our group is creating a robotic x-ray plate holder for The Wilds so that they can x-ray the legs of giraffes while they are standing and non-sedated. The Wilds reached out to Zane State College for this project due to ...