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  • The Cute Chameleon: The Effect of Attractiveness Level on Behavioral Mimicry Within Same-Sex Dyads 

    Rowe, Stephanie (2012-04-25)
    Behavioral mimicry is the changing of movements or mannerisms to match that of an interaction partner. The phenomenon occurs nonconsciously and has been shown to increase the level of liking between interaction partners ...
  • Open Educational Resources and their Implementation at Miami University 

    Waller, Jen; Bazeley, Jennifer W.; Abbitt, Jason; Bulanda, Ron; Cochrane, Bruce; Dahlman, Carl; Diekman, Amanda; Ferrell, Elizabeth; Fowler, Kirsten; Hall, Carrie; Hugenberg, Kurt; Ironstrack, Tamise; Millard, John; Modirrousta, Mostafa; Shoemaker, Katie; Vamosi, Briana
    A white paper submitted on 9/8/2015 by the members of the 2014 –2015 Faculty Learning Community Exploring Open Educational Resources at Miami University. Covers OER definition, best practices, benefits and evidence, OER ...