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  • The Integration of Software Development Tools 

    Kiper, James (1987-04-01)
    The effectiveness of software development tools can be dr creased by their integration (i.e. their cooperation). This paper discusses the problems to be overcome in integration of tools, and a categorization of the degree ...
  • A Simple System Dynamics Model For the Wildlife and Fish Resource 

    Barlas, Raman (1987-08-01)
    This research aims to build a dynamic model to describe the major relationships within the "Wildlife and Fish" element of the Forest Service. Our purpose is to capture the major relationships so that the model is capable ...
  • Concepts and Effectiveness of the Cover Coefficient Based Clustering Methodology for Text Databases 

    Can, Fazli; Ozkarahan, Esen (1987-12-01)
    An algorithm for document clustering is introduced. The base concept of the algorithm, Cover Coefficient (CC) concept, provides means of estimating the number of clusters within a document database. The CC concept is used ...
  • A System Dynamics Model For Evaluating Investment Strategies for Agriculture Development 

    Gupta, Govind; Kortzfleisch, Gert (1987-12-01)
    This paper presents a System Dynamics model to analyze the consequences of investments in agriculture. The data is taken from the various case studies of agriculture in India and is used as an example in the simulation ...
  • Computer Simulation Results from System Dynamics Model of Agriculture System 

    Gupta, Govind (1988-01-01)
    This paper discusses the results of simulation from an extensive System Dynamics model of agriculture system. A computer simulation model is written in Dynamo with System Dynamics techniques to study the complex agriculture ...
  • Techniques for the Integration of Existing Tools 

    Kiper, James (1988-03-01)
    The purpose of this paper is to explain and demonstrate the advantages of tool integration and the reuse of tools. Several techniques for the integration of existing tools are presented and discussed. These techniques ...
  • Experiments on Tunable Indexing 

    Can, Fazli; Ozkarahan, Esen (1988-04-01)
    The effectiveness and efficiency of an Information Retrieval (IR) system depends on the quality of its indexing system. Indexing con be used in inverted file systemsor in cluster-based retrieval. In this article, new concept ...
  • Graphical Programming of Simulation Models in an Object-Oriented Environment 

    Ozden, Mufit (1988-07-01)
    Graphical programming has been used in conjunction with conventional simulation languages via block diagrams or activity networks. Its beneficial effects on programming and modeling in simulation have been accepted by ...
  • Objects and Types: A Tutorial 

    Kiper, James (1988-08-01)
    This paper is a tutorial explaining the concepts that surround abstract data types and object-oriented programming, and the relationships between these groups of concepts. These concepts include types (languagedefied, ...
  • A Language for Rule-based Systems 

    Kiper, James (1988-09-01)
    Expert systems are proliferating in many situations in which it is important to capture expertise in a computer system. This type of system is useful in situations in which human expertise is expensive or difficult to ...
  • Inservice Education of High School Computer Science Teachers 

    Kiper, James; Rouse, Bill; Troy, Douglas (1988-09-01)
    The United States urgently needs strong high school computer science programs. Our economy and the technological level of our society depend upon a continuing supply of high quality scientists, mathematicians, engineers, ...
  • A System Dynamics Model for Automation 

    Gupta, Govind (1989-03-01)
    A system dynamics model is presented in this paper along with the results of simulation of some policies and their consequences automation. The automation seems to be the answer for faster growth and development throughout ...
  • Experiments on the Efficiency of Cluster Searches 

    Can, Fazli; Anderson, David (1991-03-01)
    The efficiency of various cluster based retrieval (CBR) strategies is analyzed. The possibility of combining CBR and inverted index search (11s) is investigated. A method for combining the two approaches is proposed and ...
  • To buy or not to buy : considerations in the decision to purchase long-term care insurance 

    Ritchey, Lynn; Atchley, Robert; Seltzer, Mildred (1991-05-01)
    This report presents findings from a survey of a random sample of retired teachers who were given the opportunity to buy long-term care insurance. Characteristics that distinguish purchasers from nonpurchasers are identified.
  • Comprehensive Description and Critical Analysis of Object-Oriented Software Development 

    Ames, Charles (1991-08-01)
    Object-orientation and the object model underlie a simple, intuitive, and useful approach to software development that has great potential for significantly improving the software development process. Object-orientation ...
  • Experiments on Incremental Clustering 

    Can, Fazli (1991-08-01)
    Clustering of very large document databases is essential to reduce the spacehime complexity of information retrieval. The periodic updating of clusters is required due to the dynamic nature of databases. An algorithm for ...
  • System Programming - The Human and the Machine 

    Kline, Michael (1991-12-01)
    The purpose of this paper is to document my experiences in planning, generating, and modifying the IBM VM/SP operating system (systems programming), survey literature on systems programming, and to draw conclusions as to ...
  • Challenges to regulating adult care facilities 

    Applebaum, Robert (1992-02-01)
  • A Simulation Game for Software Project Management 

    Bayraktutar, Ibrahim (1992-03-01)
    The software industry is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in our age. Yet, this growth has not been a wellbalanced one. On the one hand, on the technical side, programming languages, programming techniques and ...