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  • PASSPORT assessment and services 

    McGrew, Kathryn; Brothers-McPhail, Denise (2007-05-31)
    This report examines the PASSPORT assessment and services processes through thirty case studies: ten new assessments; ten ongoing consumers; and ten disenrolled consumers. We used a combination of observation; interviews ...
  • PASSPORT consumer eligibility 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Nelson, Ian; Thieman, Lauren (2007-05-31)
    This report examined the PASSPORT population for nursing home level of care and Medicaid financial eligibility. In addition, factors impacting length of stay in PASSPORT and transfer to nursing home are explored.
  • PASSPORT cost neutrality 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla (2007-05-31)
    This report explores the costs of caring for a person age 60 and older in the community (through PASSPORT) versus caring for a person age 60 and older in a nursing home. Medicaid costs and all other public program costs ...
  • PASSPORT evaluation : Accountability for finances, compliance, and fairness 

    Ciferri, William (2007-09-14)
    This research is an evaluation of the mechanisms and processes in place to assure that PASSPORT funds are managed properly and procurements are undertaken in a fair and open manner.
  • PASSPORT Quality Assurance and Quality Management 

    Kunkel, Suzanne; Straker, Jane; Carr, Dawn (2007-05-31)
    This report addresses findings related to the quality standards of the PASSPORT program. Although all evaluation components address aspects of quality assurance and improvement, this study addressed issues regarding the ...
  • Program evaluation of PASSPORT : Ohio's home and community-based Medicaid waiver. Final report 

    Ciferri, William; Kunkel, Suzanne; McGrew, Kathryn; Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Straker, Jane; Wellin, Valerie (2007-05-15)
    The goal for the evaluation of the PASSPORT program was to determine whether the program is providing efficient and cost-neutral services as an alternative to facility-based long-term care, and to assess the extent to which ...
  • Providing quality home and community-based services through PASSPORT 

    Straker, Jane; Carr, Dawn; Chow, Karl; Lokon, Elizabeth (2007-05-31)
    This report is part of a larger evaluation of Ohio's PASSPORT Program. It examines issues of provider tenure, provider certification, and provider quality assurance. Data were collected in focus groups, interviews, and a ...