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  • Assessing the Quality of Caregiver Support Services 

    Applebaum, Robert; Kunkel, Suzanne; Davis, Shawn; McGrew, Kathryn; Nelson, Ian (2006-08-01)
    The project's primary objective wsa to desin and test an outcome-focused system for the quality monitoring of caregiver support services based largely on input from caregivers themselves.
  • Changing face of long-term care : Ohio's experience 1993-2005 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert; Nelson, Ian; Straker, Jane; Baker, Hallie (2007-04-01)
    This report details trends in Ohio long-term care service utilization over 12 years. It also provides information about the characteristics of those in different settings such as PASSPORT, nursing homes, and residential ...
  • Consumer Direction in Ohio : Findings From Two Demonstration Projects 

    Nelson, Ian; Kunkel, Suzanne (2009-04-20)
    This report provides findings from evaluations of two consumer-directed home care programs in Ohio. Results suggest consumer direction provides a good alternative to agency-managed home care services.
  • Developing Specifications for the Competitive Bidding of Intake, Assessment & Case Management Services 

    Straker, Jane; Nelson, Ian; Applebaum, Robert; Payne, Michael (2008-04-02)
    This report provides information about the elements of case management, intake, and assessment programs that are often specified in current standards or bid specifications. Observation of current practices, a literature ...
  • Educating caregivers about caregiving : an evaluation of the Council on Aging Learning Advantages Program for Informal Caregivers 

    Straker, Jane; Nelson, Ian; Carr, Dawn (2005-06-01)
    This report describes the evaluation of the Council on Aging Learning Advantages program; a training program for informal caregivers. Nurse trainers conducted individualized training tailored to fit the circumstances of ...
  • Nurising Home Use in Ohio: Who Stays, Who Pays? 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Applebaum, Robert; Nelson, Ian (2010-06-11)
    This research brief follows a cohort of nursing home residents over a three-year period-- beginning with their first ever admission to a nursing home --in order to determine their stay patterns and changes in their payment ...
  • PASSPORT consumer eligibility 

    Mehdizadeh, Shahla; Nelson, Ian; Thieman, Lauren (2007-05-31)
    This report examined the PASSPORT population for nursing home level of care and Medicaid financial eligibility. In addition, factors impacting length of stay in PASSPORT and transfer to nursing home are explored.