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  • Child Safety Seat Occupant Detection and Alert System 

    Candray, Oscar; Tully, Thomas; Whitt, John
    This report covers the design, build, and testing if an IoT (Internet of Things) device which uses signal attenuation as a detection condition. The device's intended purpose is to detect when a child has been left in a car ...
  • Senior Design 498 - Universal Test Stand 

    Gregory, Tyler; Kincaid, Keith
    Final report for Senior Design - ENT 498 - Universal Test Stand
  • High Temperature Limit Sensor for Compressor Connecting Rod 

    Fischer, Joey; Newman, Jon
    Student Engineers researched and designed a method to measure temperature on the bearing of an Ariel Corporation compressor connecting rod. Placing a high temperature shut off device in the connecting rod will allow for ...
  • Septic Tank Monitoring Device 

    Guffey, Christian; Meermans, Brian; Calhoun, Cameron
    Student Engineers have modified and updated a current septic tank control panel. This panel has more up-to-date components that gives homeowners and service providers more control over septic systems. The panel will operate ...
  • Adapting a Parker proportional valve for use with a Festo hydraulic trainer 

    Fields, Audrey; Poeppelman, David; Clements, James; House, Luke
    Student engineers designed, built, and tested the adaptation of a Parker Proportional Valve with Festo Hydraulic Trainers for educational use at Edison State Community College. The system will accompany lectures given by ...
  • Guided Object Fetching Robot 

    Westbay, Eli; Storey, Isaiah; Francis, Nkrumah
    This is a reflection on what the GOFR group has accomplished in the pursuit of making an Autonomously Guided Vehicle (AGV). This document will lay out the steps and research performed in order to design and build a functional ...
  • Senior Project X-Ray Plate Holder (The Wilds) Final Report 

    Williams, Austin; Moss, Kyle; Campbell, Landon; Duty, Ryan
    Our group is creating a robotic x-ray plate holder for The Wilds so that they can x-ray the legs of giraffes while they are standing and non-sedated. The Wilds reached out to Zane State College for this project due to ...
  • Remote Machine Monitoring 

    Lydy, Joshua; Arron, Ben
    Clippard, A well-known company in Cincinnati Ohio that manufactures pneumatic valves, cylinders, and fittings, provided us with a challenge to build a system for them. This system will monitor 16 CNC machines during the ...
  • Automated Wire Stripper 

    Inkrott, Joshua; Bischoff, Andrew; Heuerman, Wes
    For our groups ENT 498 Senior Design Project we decided to design and build an automated wire cutter and stripping machine. Our final machine can automatically feed, cut and strip wires to a given length and quantity. ...
  • Remote CO₂ Laser Engraver/Cutter 

    Dick, Jason; Abernathy, Jonathan; Lewis, Nicholas
    The goal of our project was to develop and manufacture a CO2 laser engraver capable of being remotely controlled via the internet using a custom-built interface. The purpose of our project was to provide access to individuals ...
  • Universal Robot Gripper 

    Amelung, James; Dyer, Catherine; Klass, Chandler; Speckert, Rob
    This project will consist of multiple goals and milestones to achieve the desired result of assessing the feasibility of a more universal type of gripper used for material handling in the Rimrock Corporation.
  • CNC Router 

    Schiele, James; Stoner, Christina; Williams, Eric
    This project is an improvement upon the 2018-2019 senior design team’s CNC Router Table project. The project utilizes mechanical, electrical and software components to establish communication between the router table and ...
  • Pipe Bend Tester 

    Proffitt, Morgan; Gilbert, George
    The purpose of this project is to improve an existing pipe bending testing procedure for HDPE 3”-6” diameter pipe. Instead of a manual, unstandardized process, there will be an automated, standardized one more efficient ...
  • The Application of Machine Learning to Digitized Postcards as Artifacts 

    Nieto, Andrew; Sandy, Jacob; Laycock, Kyle; D’Amico, Christian
    When machine learning is mentioned in the news, it is rarely in the context of historical artifacts. Often, the public learns about what machine learning promises through news about optimizing workflows, improving ...
  • Alternatives to Exclusionary School Discipline: An Outline for Educational Administrators 

    Komer, Jack
    Exclusionary discipline practices are intended to help students learn to act appropriately when in reality they have been shown to lead to negative school outcomes and exacerbate the “school to prison pipeline”. This ...
  • The Paper Person: A Comparative Analysis of Rhetoric and Truth in Environmental Economics, Literature, and Policy 

    Maltbie, Anna
    Environmental issues such as deforestation and climate change are some of the most pressing concerns today and require a concentrated global response. How does the rhetoric surrounding these topics affect how people ...
  • The promotion of ecological economics in Abrafo-Odumase Ghana, Africa 

    Musch, Sara
    In the twenty-first century global economy communities either profit and thrive, or they do not. According to United Nation (UN) statistics, nearly 82 percent of the world’s population lives in a developing country moving ...
  • Virtual design: Improving architecture through immersive creation 

    Oldiges, Brian
    Mixed reality devices in today’s world have only just begun emerging from the origins in the video game and entertainment industry. As these devices advance, their usefulness grows across other aspects of our lives, and ...
  • Reimagining rail travel in the United States 

    Pedoto, Joshua
    The increase of congestion in American cities is creating a slower and more expensive commute for the average American passenger in major cities. Convenience and speed are incredibly important to the average American ...
  • Libraries as a facilitator of community engagement in the urban environment 

    Schrinel, Alexander M.
    Libraries are essential elements to the life of our communities as they provide many assets to community members and act as catalysts for civic engagement. Tightened government budgets in the United States have threatened ...