Recent Submissions

  • Rapid Review of Social Communication Assessment Tools for Transition-Age Adolescents 

    Poll, Gerard; Turner, Chloe; Petru, Janis; Maskalunas, Caitlyn; Jacobsen, Anna Liss
    Social communication ability is vital for students’ successful transition from high school to post-school settings. The aim of this project is to systematically review the literature on social communication assessments for ...
  • Advances in Anatomy Teaching in Higher Education 

    McMurray, Matthew; Jacobsen, Anna Liss
    Anatomy instruction is essential for pre-health students. In addition to traditional methods, the use of digital virtual and mixed-reality tools has grown, but evidence demonstrating their overall effectiveness is inconclusive. ...
  • How Might a Psychology Professor Teach Critical Thinking? 

    Jacobsen, Anna Liss
    Teaching critical thinking is addressed from the perspective of a psychology professor and a librarian. Methods used to improve student understanding of validity and reliability of sources are examined from the perspective ...
  • Demystifying the Opaque: Train Faculty and Others to Assess Open Access Resources 

    Jacobsen, Anna Liss
    Since the invent of the Open Access (OA) publishing model, research has focused on evaluating OA journals with the goal of identifying quality sources for the purposes of publication. However, more research must be completed ...

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