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  • Fouling-Release Performance of Silicone Oil-Modified SiloxanePolyurethane Coatings 

    Galhenage, Teluka P.; hoffman, Dylan; Silbert, Samantha D.; Stafslien, Shane J.; Daniels, Justin; Miljkovic, Tatjana; Finlay, John A.; Franco, Sofia C.; Clare, Anthony S.; Nedved, Brian T.; Hadfield, Michael G.; Wendt, Dean E.; Waltz, Grant; Brewer, Lenora; Teo, Serena L.M.; Lim, Chin-Sing; Webster, Dean C.
    The effect of incorporation of silicone oils into a siloxanepolyurethane fouling-release coatings system was explored. Incorporation of phenylmethyl silicone oil has been shown to improve the fouling-release performance ...