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  • Degree-constrained Minimum Latency Trees are APX-Hard 

    Brinkman, Bo; Helmick, Michael (2008-03-25)
    When transmitting data from a single source to many recipients, it is often desirable to use some recipients of the stream to re-broadcast the stream to other users. In such multicast systems each client may be used as a ...
  • Interface-based Programming Assignments and Automatic Grading of Java Programs 

    Helmick, Michael (2006-01-01)
    AutoGrader is a framework developed at Miami University for the automatic grading of student programming assignments written in the Java programming language. AutoGrader leverages the abstract concept of interfaces, brought ...
  • Using the Inverted Classroom to teach Software Engineering 

    Gannod, Gerald; Burge, Janet; Helmick, Michael (2007-01-01)
    An inverted classroom is a teaching environment that mixes the use of technology with hands-on activities. In an inverted classroom, typical in-class lecture time is replaced with laboratory and in-class activities. Outside ...