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  • Educational Expertise, Advocacy, and Media Influence 

    Malin, Joel R; Lubienski, Christopher
    The efforts of many advocacy organizations to advance their preferred policies despite conflicting evidence of the effectiveness of these policies raise questions about factors that shape successful policy promotion. While ...
  • Information Pollution in an Age of Populist Politics 

    Malin, Joel R; Lubienski, Christopher
    The increasing influence of private interests in public policy has been facilitated by a growth in sources of “alternative” information and expertise. In education, teachers and schools are often the targets of these ...
  • K-12 Choice-Favoring and Public-Favoring Stories 

    Malin, Joel R; Potterton, Amanda U; Lubienski, Christopher
    This article focuses on how language favoring educational choice shapes U.S. educational policy. We outline key features of some dominant narratives, providing several examples and showing how these stories contradict ...
  • Whose Opinions Count in Educational Policymaking? 

    Malin, Joel R; Lubienski, Christopher