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  • Data Curation Workshop: 

    Benzing, Matthew
    The current state of research data is like a disorganized photo collection: a mix of formats scattered across different media without a lot of authority control. That is changing as the need to make data available to ...
  • Data Curation: Tips and Tools for Today 

    Benzing, Matthew
    In the past year we have seen how quickly and easily scientific data can be removed from government websites and rendered inaccessible to the public. Libraries have a responsibility to step into the breach and provide safe ...
  • Student and Librarian Attitudes toward Academic Libraries and Information Retrieval: An Ethnographic Study. 

    Benzing, Matthew; Benzing, Matthew
    A study done at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute of students and librarians that incorporates ethnographic methods and utilizes HCI theory in order to examine the following questions: Where students go when they have ...
  • User Studies with Camtasia 

    Benzing, Matthew (2015-02-12)
    A presentation on using the Camtasia tutorial creation software to collect and document user studies.