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  • “Snow Fall”-ing Special Collections & Archives 

    Michel, Jason; Ladd, Marcus
    “Snow Fall” is a Pulitzer Prize winning, digital storytelling project produced by the New York Times. It represents the next step in long-form digital journalism. The web application tells a compelling story about the fate ...
  • This Could Take a While 

    Ladd, Marcus (2015-01-30)
    Reflections after the first year of a student-aided digitization project. The Bowden Postcard Collection contains a staggering 480,000 postcards, spanning the entire 20th century and the entire globe. The project already ...
  • With the Help of Students and Donors 

    Ladd, Marcus (2015-01-30)
    This poster featured reflections on the first eighteen months of a long-term student-powered project to digitize a large and still-growing cultural heritage collection. Included were strategies developed for anticipating ...