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  • Interactive data entry and validation tool: A collaboration between librarians and researchers 

    Johnson, Eric
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to share a case study process of collaboration with faculty, highlight some design considerations when creating data entry forms and describe some considerations when planning ...
  • Error free data collection 

    Johnson, Eric
    To improve upon paper based data collection, a new software tool was developed and is being used by Craig Williamson’s team for the Lakes as Sentinels of Climate Change project. We designed this to go beyond the typical ...
  • Tablet Based Data Recorder for Librarians and Researchers 

    Johnson, Eric
    To promote easier and more accurate data collection, a tablet based tool was created that guides data collectors by providing color coded and textual instructions. Validation rules can be dynamically created that will ...
  • Find it Here! Interactive Resource Location Kiosks 

    Johnson, Eric
    An overview of an interactive software and resource locator. A list of software is displayed on a touch screen along with a map of a computer lab. Clicking either a software title or computer highlights the corresponding ...
  • Resource Location Maps 

    Johnson, Eric
    Our librarians needed an easy way to answer the question, “Which computer has X software?” Since some software packages are expensive, or require an above average machine to operate, not every software tool is available ...
  • Developing Digital Scholarship Collaboration - Source Notes 

    Johnson, Eric
    Our library has a unit dedicated to providing project consultations and technical support for faculty, students and other campus units. Many of our projects have strong pedagogical components with hands-on student learning. ...
  • Detailed search stats from DSpace Solr 

    Johnson, Eric
    The DSpace institutional repository platform has several methods for extracting usage statistics. This brief case study gives an overview 3 methods and shows some of the advanced details available using the Solr API.
  • Simply Analytics overview 

    Johnson, Eric
    This is an overview of the SimplyAnalytics online resource, prepared for Miami University's libguides and website. Script: Hello, this is Eric Johnson. Today we’re going to be looking at the Simply Analytics ...
  • Source Notes: A collaboration between C.D.S., Faculty, campus I.T., and the Humanities Center 

    Johnson, Eric; Offenburger, Andrew; Reese, Greg
    Finding, retrieving and annotating digital news items is almost as important as their generation and storage. Our university is developing new tools for digital news research. To aid in the collection and close reading ...
  • Resource Locator Maps: Pinpointing Your Library's Software Stuff 

    Johnson, Eric; Andrews, Nick
    WOULDN'T IT BE NICE IF THERE WERE A SYSTEM THAT WOULD JUST TELL US WHAT SOFTWARE HAS BEEN DEPLOYED ON EACH COMPUTER? Our librarians at multiple service points needed a simple, fast tool to answer a common question: ...
  • SOAP and the Web of Science: how to bulk download query results 

    Johnson, Eric
    Recently, we had a faculty member ask to download thousands of citation records from Web of Science (WOS). With modern tasks such as data mining for research, this bulk “nonconsumptive” use of textual data is increasing. ...
  • GetMeData: A Data Purchase Program for students 

    Johnson, Eric
    This presentation describes the GetMeData! data purchase program at Miami University. The program connects undergraduate students with liaison librarians for research help including purchasing data for them to use in their ...
  • Rubrics and Decision Matricies 

    Johnson, Eric
    Designing rubrics for informed decision making How often do committees spend an inordinate amount of time nit-picking a trivial issue and fail to discuss the heart of a problem? Do you find yourself constantly busy, ...
  • Digitizing Vinegar Syndrome Film 

    Johnson, Eric
    Step-by-step equipment build procedure for digitizing damaged 16 mm film stock.
  • Planning for Digital Preservation 

    Jones, Ashley; Johnson, Eric
    This presentation will focus on the process Miami University Libraries used when researching and selecting digital preservation solutions. Digital Preservation can be an overwhelming undertaking for any institution. The ...
  • DSpace solr activity extractor 

    Johnson, Eric
    This quick tool is designed for DSpace administrators who want to extract usage statistics from their DSpace IR. You will need to be able to log into the server that is hosting your DSpace instance. This is not the same ...
  • Gephi - Network analysis and visualization 

    Johnson, Eric
    This set of PowerPoint slides used in a workshop for librarians gives a brief explanation of network analysis and how to use the Gephi visualization tool (version 0.9.2).