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  • Campus Sexual Assault Prevention: Not Just Our Issue 

    Miller, Alexis
    This project further explores the idea of male-focused educational rape prevention from a campus sexual assault perspective. By switching the prevention focus, she hopes campus sexual assault rates will decrease.
  • Connecting a Community: Analyzing Feminist Perspectives on Miami University's Campus 

    Wright, Jessi
    This presentation centers about research on whether or not the Miami student population considers their university to be feminist. It first describes some of the events that happened on campus during the Fall 2016 semester. ...
  • Eliminating Gender Roles Through Adverstisement 

    Pritchard, Caroline
    The main focus of this project is to explore how advertisement is beginning to fight to eliminate gender bias and gender roles through commercials and children’s toys. Starting from the 1970’s Fantastic Feminist Co-op’s ...
  • Evolution and Effects: Title IX at Miami University 

    Winsett, Jane
    This project explores the evolution of Miami University’s sexual violence programming since the implementation of Title IX.
  • Fantastic Feminist Doll Application in Sexual Assault Case 

    Xia, Rongwan (Candice)
    This topic covers using the fantastic feminist doll to heal sexual assault victims' mental hurt.
  • His/Her/Hirstory Symposium Program 

    Department of Global and Intercultural Studies
    Election 2016; His/ Her/ Hirstory : a symposium of projects offering intersectional analyses ; program pdf
  • NOW and Then: Women in the 1980s and Present Day 

    Simmons, Eleanor
    This presentation brings together the position of women and women’s rights in the 1980s and their position today. Discussion points include progress, stagnation, and changes still to be made.
  • The Now of Then 

    Sefton, Holly
    This presentation explores the approaches and progress and lack of progress of feminist movements in the 1970’s and in 2016. It uses analysis to make suggestions about the best ways to combine the progressive movements in ...
  • Rhetoric Towards Female Political Candidates 

    Anderson, Ryan
    This project explores how male candidates and males in general use sexist rhetoric to belittle female candidates. It also focuses on how these female candidates are framed and how they respond to such rhetoric. 
  • Transformation of Women's Sexual Health: The Fight Continues 

    Cahall, Rachel
    For many years, feminists have been fighting for control over their own reproductive heath and sexual education. Looking through the works of NOW and the Fantastic Feminist, we see evidence of this fight that has continued ...