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  • The War on Public Education: Agonist Democracy and the Fight for Schools as Public Things 

    Knight-Abowitz, Kathleen
    Agonistic critiques of democratic theory conceptualize democracy as a site of conflict and struggle; as the fight against privatization escalates, these critiques become more relevant for educational governance. Public ...
  • What’s pragmatic about community organizing? 

    Knight-Abowitz, Kathleen
    In this paper I explore whether and how philosophical pragmatism might be a useful tool for achieving educational reform through social action work such as community organizing. I explore Aaron Schutz’s arguments relevant ...
  • A Situated Philosophy of Education 

    Knight-Abowitz, Kathleen; Burbules, Nicholas
    Philosophy of education today is broadly divided between two fundamentally different views about the nature of philosophy itself. This meta-debate is almost never engaged directly, and yet it is exemplified in one way ...